Ultimate Email Product Launch Strategy: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you gearing up for a product launch? Have you ever wondered how to escalate your sales to five or even six figures on launch day? Today, I’m excited to share the exact product launch strategy we’ve used time and time again for our email marketing agency clients. This strategy isn’t just another marketing gimmick; it’s a proven method that can be adapted to almost any direct-to-consumer or e-commerce brand. Let’s dive in!


1. Mapping Out Your Email Product Launch Strategy

Before anything else, it’s essential to have a well-planned product launch strategy. Here’s a sneak peek at how I align this strategy:


Product launch strategy flow chat, detailing each and every step of the email flows that needed to be setup

2. Setting Up the Landing Page

Create a landing page that can be used for both email collection and advertising across platforms like Facebook, Google, TikTok, and even UGC influencer campaigns. This landing page will gather email addresses for the product launch, building your potential customer base.

3. Building Anticipation with a Product Teaser Email

Sending a teaser email two weeks before the launch builds anticipation while ensuring it’s fresh in customers’ minds. Use intriguing hints like product silhouettes or color swatches to spark curiosity.

4. Segmentation and Hype Building

Separate your audience based on their actions using tools like Klaviyo, ActiveCampaign, or MailChimp. A week before launch, send an email or SMS with testimonials or social proof, building trust with your list.

5. Creating a Calendar Reminder

Three days before launch, add a calendar reminder. This overlooked tactic can be crucial in ensuring your audience stays engaged and informed.

6. 24-Hour Hype Campaign

24 hours before launch, intensify the hype with email and SMS campaigns. Emphasize the scarcity and include a countdown timer for an extra punch of urgency.

7. Launch Campaign and Follow-Ups

On launch day, send emails and SMS to your segmented list. If stock hasn’t run out after six hours, broaden your reach with an “almost out of stock” message.

8. Post-Sale Engagement

Don’t just abandon your audience once the product sells out. Extend offers on other products to keep engagement high and capitalize on the built-up excitement.

9. Final Follow-Up

Two days after, send a last-chance email to maintain momentum even after the initial launch has ended.

Conclusion: Use Wisely, Don’t Overdo

While powerful, this strategy should not be overused. Employ it wisely, maybe once a quarter, to avoid losing its impact.

I hope this strategy helps you crush your next product launch or massive sale. Remember, while the process might seem simple, it requires careful planning and execution.

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