who we are

At Aspekt, we're client obsessed.

We’ve made helping you achieve your ecommerce business goals our passion and purpose. We’re an agency of doers who don’t let roadblocks stop us from inventing the impossible. By hiring and developing only the best, we’ve assembled a top-class team that’s here to systematically scale your company through strategic planning and data-based decisions.

The problem we solve

DTC brands don’t know how to systematically scale their store above 6-7 figures monthly.

Our mission

To help DTC brands scale through proven systems and data-based decisions.

Our Values

Go the Extra Mile

Going the extra mile is more than just doing busy work. It’s doing what our competition won’t do. Putting the client first no matter what and doing what’s right for the long term, no matter the short-term cost. Going that extra mile is what truly sets us apart.

Grow or Die

Learn fast, fail fast, try again. That’s how you grow. If you’re not making progress, you’re either plateauing or declining. There is no in between. As a company, we strive to consistently progress forward and avoid plateaus and declines.

Speed Is King

Speed is the ultimate currency in business relationships and growth. Massive opportunities could be missed if projects take too long. Prioritize getting it done fast and getting it done right.

Brutal Honesty

Truth is best left untampered with. No matter the reaction, feelings, rank, or politics, truth is always a priority. Sugar coating things serves no one. The amount you grow is directly correlated with how truly transparent you are with yourself and the team.

Owner Mindset

Hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone else would ask of you. Manage your time and resources wisely, then own your decisions and outcomes as if this was your company. Strive to make choices that better the company. The company thrives when we’re all our own boss.

Take Accountability

Accountability is keeping the business’ needs above your own. Humble yourself, admit any deficits, and grow. When making decisions, focus on WHAT is right instead of WHO is right. To have a business that continues to thrive, hire and promote for humility and fire for ego and pride.

Meet Your A-Team



Nikita has been working in the ecommerce space for over 7 years now, working with brands in dozens of niches. Helping them grow with Email & SMS Marketing.  Currently he manages the team and works closely with clients helping them achieve their ecommerce goals!


Art Director

Lora is an award-winning graphic designer holding over 6 years of experience in the industry. With an extensive background across both print and digital media, she has aided a wide range of clients in developing their visual identity and in bringing their creative visions to life.


Jr. Email Marketer

Judy has been working in the ecommerce space for over 3 years, helping brands with their retention channels. At ASPEKT she oversees the client journey from start to finish, with communication, email design, copy and strategy.


Reporting & Admin

Cheska has been in the online and ecommerce space for more than 5 years now. At ASPEKT she’s worked up from being an admin to now helping manage client onboarding, reporting, and overall client success.