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Today we’re diving head-first into a unique project where I take a personal brand (in this case, a custom tufted rug making business!) and completely set up the entire email marketing sequence. From the absolute beginning to a fully-built system, I’ll walk you through every step. So grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and let’s get into the first part!

Starting a Rug Making Business – A Little Backstory

About a week ago, my girlfriend and I had this wild idea – why not start a custom rug making business? We spent the whole day setting up the website (which, by the way, only has one product for you to order!). But I left the email part untouched because I knew it could become something valuable to you. So here we are, sharing every single step of the journey!

Let’s Talk Pop-Ups – The Key to Capturing Emails

The first step in our email marketing adventure was setting up pop-ups to actually capture emails. I mean, what’s an email marketing campaign without emails, right? Here’s how I went about it:

Clone and Modify: I started with an existing 10% off discount form, cloning it for a fresh start.

Choosing the Template: From the multi-step pop-up to email-only video pop-ups, I decided to run with one that ensures only the email is collected.

Publish and Test: Once I made sure the email was being collected (and nothing else), it was time to publish and test the pop-up on the website. Refresh, pop-up, submit an email – voila, it works!

The Fun Part – Seeing It In Action

There’s something satisfying about refreshing your own website and watching the pop-up show up, exactly as planned. It looked pretty good to me, and that simple form was ready to start gathering emails from potential rug enthusiasts!

Stay Tuned for More – This is Just the Beginning!

This may seem like a small step, but it’s crucial for what comes next: segmentation, templates, welcome flows, banner card flows, and much more! We’ll delve into the entire email marketing ecosystem, one step at a time.

So, what do you think? Did you learn something new? Make sure to like, and leave a comment if you enjoyed this piece, and if you want to dive even deeper dive follow me on Twitter and subscribe to the email marketing newsletter. Until next time, happy emailing

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