The Brand

Mysticsense is an online psychic platform where users and psychics can converse together. Whether it’s predictions for an event, a person in their life, or if they want to understand the timing of their decisions, Mysticsense’s psychic readings are all delivered by the best professionals in the industry. They not only provide astrology, tarot, and spiritual readings, but also love readings to those that need to answer questions about past or future relationships. Their main target demographic mostly consists of adult women who are interested in psychics.

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Decrease In CPA On Facebook

The Problem

Before working with ASPEKT, Mysticsense’s own social media manager handled all their Facebook ads. They also only had a basic welcome email set up for their email marketing at this time. While this had been “getting the job done” for them, it wasn’t going to help Mysticsense scale to be one of the biggest online psychic platforms on the internet. So a few things needed to change, and ASPEKT was brought on to help implement a new email marketing strategy as well as optimize their customer acquisition funnel to ensure it was both scalable and profitable.

The Solution

After coming on board, we audited both their Facebook ads as well as their email marketing efforts and got to work on strategy. We overhauled their email marketing to include a series of welcome emails that converted people from being just registered users to paying users. Additionally, we implemented multiple automations — one to re-engage with old customers (winback funnel) and another to engage with customers after they registered (post purchase funnel). In the time that they’ve been signed on with ASPEKT, we’ve helped run multiple email sales campaigns to help generate even more revenue for Mysticsense.

For Facebook, we went ahead and implemented our 3 phase funnel, which involved single variable testing on creative, copy, and audience. This helped us narrow down exactly what part of the ad actually was generating the most registrations. With that we also implemented very direct middle and bottom of funnel campaigns to not only help generate returning users, but also to pick up any low hanging fruit that was not registering and depositing money into the platform. With the help of our systemization, we’ve kept a consistent 2.73 return on ad spend (ROAS) both on first time deposits and returning customers. In addition to all this, we’ve also been able to generate over $412,934 in the last year of operation.

Working with ASPEKT is an absolute pleasure, they’re always ahead of the curve on all of our marketing efforts.

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