The Brand

Gettacar is an online car shopping platform where users can browse and shop for a new car with a click of a button. Not only could they buy their car online, they could also sell their car and get it appraised online. Their main target audience is men and women between the ages of 18-65 who are in the market for a new car.

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The Problem

The main problem that Gettacar was facing before bringing on ASPEKT was the lack of manpower in their email marketing department to take over, audit, improve, and launch brand new automated email flows. On top of that, they needed help with creating consistent email campaign content and launching them on a regular basis.

The Solution

After coming on board, we immediately got to work with setting up a sending calendar for their campaigns. Once approved, we then began writing, designing, and implementing these campaigns into their ESP. After the first 1-2 months were scheduled out, we started working on improving their current automations. We overhauled over 5 automations—this included re-organizing current user flows, implementing brand new flows, and writing, designing, and implementing new emails. During our time together, we were able to improve Gettacar’s open rate and click through rate.

We really enjoyed working with ASPEKT. Through our partnership we were able to get so much more done with email marketing than we were able to before.

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