The Brand

Neuvana is a technology company that specializes in creating devices that help with Vagus Nerve Stimulation. Their flagship product, Xen, is revolutionary in the way it allows users to experience Vagus Nerve Stimulation via a portable Bluetooth device and headphones. Our main focus was to help with generating more sales for the Xen unit while keeping cost per acquisition reasonable.

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Decrease In CPA On Facebook

The Problem

Before working with ASPEKT, Neuvana’s SEO agency handled all their Facebook ads. While they were generating sales, their CPA was skyrocketing and unprofitable at the same time. This stemmed from overall poor ad practices, messaging that was all over the place, and their PDP lacking significant content to help justify the hefty price tag of the Xen unit.

The Solution

After coming on board, we realized a lot of work needed to be done. Initial testing indicated that we needed to focus on a single angle instead of all the Xen’s different benefits. We did just that, and we also created a landing page for the product that specifically focused on stress relief and the benefits of Vagus Nerve Stimulation. This full funnel approach significantly helped us reduce cost per acquisition costs as it increased our conversion rate. When it came to the media buying for Facebook, we used our single variable split testing approach to find winning audience stacks and creatives. Unfortunately, we had to part ways as the company decided to instead focus on print advertising. Prior to this, we were able to generate $42,817 in revenue with an average account return on ad spend (ROAS) of 2.1.

It's a breath of fresh air working with ASPEKT and their team, very on time, precise and experts in their field.

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