Micro Center

The Brand

Micro Center is a nationwide technology brand in the US that sells consumer technology like TVs, computers, music players, speakers, etc through their retail stores. They have different target demographics depending on their product selections.

Customers Generated
Average Account ROAS
$ 0 m
Revenue Generated
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Decrease In CPA On Facebook

The Problem

While Micro Center had a solid strategy put into place already, they specifically lacked in execution. They needed more help with overflow work to analyze their strategy, suggest improvements, and implement changes on a weekly basis.

The Solution

When we were brought on, we utilized the current strategy they had, analyzed it, expanded it further by targeting a wider audience, and conducted a myriad of creative tests. In addition to helping with supporting tasks for their Facebook ad campaigns, we also helped with the setup and implementation of Twitter Ad campaigns. All in all it was a very successful campaign—with the help of their strategy and our implementation, we were able to generate over half a million leads to their stores and dropped their CPL by 68%.

ASPEKT knew exactly what they were doing, and it was a pleasure working with them.

Our Winning Ads

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