The Brand

Kodland is an online platform that helps kids aged 8-17 learn about coding languages and programming. At Kodland, their mission is to provide the essential knowledge and support needed for kids to excel in the ever-growing world of technology. As an online school, they strive to create a comfortable environment for all students to grow and develop at their own suitable pace. They help build the new tech specialists of the future! Their main target demographic is parents with kids between 8-17 years old.

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The Problem

Before working with ASPEKT, Kodland was in the midst of breaking into the western market (United Kingdom and United States). While they had great success in their native Russian market, they were not sure on how to approach a western audience and scale efficiently. After unsuccessfully trying to scale with their in-house team, they reached out to us for a fresh perspective and a more strategic approach to growing within this new market.

The Solution

After coming on board and auditing the account, we noticed that there was definitely a disconnect between the creative and copy in addition to a very unorganized account. We managed to spin most of the copy and creative to fit our demographic and have it sound smoother to an English-speaking audience. That gave us a great foundation to start with and build on top of as our partnership continued. We then managed to build off of our creative base and found a specific city-based creative that delivered a 50% CPA drop.

We utilized that same approach to find 8 different metropolitan cities to target and expand our reach. Our proven testing system found the winners and we quickly started expanding. Winning creatives and copy generated, on average, 30-40 leads per day throughout the scaling campaign. Eventually, we expanded this model to include all cities in the UK with a population above 75,000. This led to over a million dollars in revenue generated with 20,624 customers.

Nikita and the ASPEKT team are probably the most skilled as well as the most organized people we’ve seen handle our ad account.

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