Dr. Throwers

The Brand

Dr. Thrower’s is a skin care brand that specifically helps people of color regain clear skin through their intense product line. From oily skin to dry skin and anything in between, Dr. Thrower’s medical-grade products help people regain their confidence by restoring their facial and body skin back to normal. Dr. Thrower’s target audience is men and women of all ages that are either people of color or people with darker skin complexions.

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Decrease In CPA On Facebook

The Problem

Before working with ASPEKT, Dr. Thrower mainly sold his product in office and online for convenience of the patients seeing him. But with a recent brand refresh, Dr. Thrower wanted to expand the business to reach more people through the power of paid advertising and began advertising himself. While he ran ads for his website before, their skincare-based product base made it pretty easy to trigger the Facebook algorithm to block your ads and even shut down your account. Right before working with us, they cleared up their policy violations so that we could start with a clean slate.

The Solution

When we started working together, our main strategy was to use results as the biggest selling point without breaking Facebook’s before and after policy guidelines. We implemented a mixture of happy customers who shot user generated content for us and offers to the product to create a hybrid creative. After that was developed, we set up the creatives, first person copy, and audiences for testing. We found great success with this new style of copy/creative and decided to initiate a scaling campaign.

With the help of the scaling campaign, we were able to generate over $170k in sales after our partnership. Since they were not running ads before we started, we essentially increased their ROAS from 0 to 5.47x.

Nikita and his team are probably the most dedicated people I’ve ever seen, they truly go out of their way to do what’s right.

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