Discount Electronics

The Brand

Discount Electronics is a tech distributor that specializes in selling customized refurbished computers, monitors, laptops, and other tech accessories. While they have a wide variety of products, their two main categories are computers and laptops. We focused on those two categories while working together and helping them scale.

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Decrease In CPA On Facebook

The Problem

While Discount Electronics had great success in running and operating their Google Ads campaigns, they could never get their Facebook Ad campaigns to perform. This is where they needed specialists that understood how to scale businesses like Discount Electronics via Facebook ads.

The Solution

After coming on board, we noticed there was a severe lack of creative, so that initially was our main priority. After creating a backlog of creative, we implemented our 3 phase funnel, which involved single variable testing on creative, copy, and audience. This helped us narrow down exactly what part of the ad actually was generating the most purchases. We also implemented direct middle and bottom of funnel campaigns to help generate returning customers to the brand. With the help of a creative backlog and consistent testing and scaling, we were able to consistently achieve a 3.4x ROAS at peak iOS 14.5 and generated over $100k in revenue.

Nikita and the team at ASPEKT were very professional, and I highly recommend working with them if you get the chance.

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