Cereal Box Club

The Brand

Cereal Box Club is a direct-to-consumer cereal brand that delivers cereal — both premium and rare — as well as treats to people’s doorsteps. They noticed there was a demand for limited edition cereal, and what better way to break the routine of boring, everyday breakfast than by getting rare cereal every month? Their target demographic was people in their 20s and 30s who enjoyed cereal, and moms who get cereal box subscriptions as gifts for family, friends, or even their own kids.

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The Problem

Before working together with ASPEKT, the owners of Cereal Box Club were getting moderate success themselves getting decent cost per acquisition through the help of free PR as well as SEO (since there was virtually no competition for their brand). While seeing sales come in was great, the owners knew deep down that they had to master paid acquisition if they really wanted to scale Cereal Box Club to the next level. They dabbled a bit to try and get some ads going, but had no success. That’s when they knew they needed an experienced media buyer to handle their account. We were brought in to help manage and scale their account, as well as drop their CPA significantly.

The Solution

When we started working with Cereal Box Club, we took our time in defining their ideal customer and making sure we knew everything and anything about them. We extensively prepared for the relaunch of their ads, and within a week of onboarding we launched their first campaign. Both this and the subsequent campaigns were smash hits, helping Cereal Box Club generate more than 600 customers through the lifetime of us working together. Additionally, we dropped their CPA significantly from $24 to $10-15, which was in their scalability range. 

On top of managing their accounts, we also set up email marketing automations to help them secure any customers that may have either abandoned their carts or wanted to learn more about the brand and its history.

ASPEKT’s sheer determination to get the best results possible for us is something that not a lot of agencies have.

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