The Brand

Black Leaves is an Australia-based weight loss tea brand that helps people of all ages healthily and sustainably lose weight. They have a multitude of different blends to satisfy anyone’s palette, ranging from energizing berry blends to more soothing chamomile teas. Their main target audience is women between the ages of 25-65 who are interested in fitness and weight loss.

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The Problem

Having a lot of success with influencer marketing and SEO, Black Leaves CEO Anthony wanted to expand his tea business and scale it to become a 7 figure brand. While having that goal is commendable, their main bottleneck was efficiently scaling. They were not able to efficiently get past $500/day in ad spend. At the same time, he was starting to reach the limit of how much he was able to handle in his own time, so he needed a team of experts to come in and scale the store for him while he handled the day to day operations of the manufacturing, packaging, shipping, etc.

The Solution

We came on board and noticed a lot of ad spend being misdirected in the account. After implementing our 3 phase ad account structure approach, we were able to start our single variable creative, copy, and audience testing with great success. Additionally, we implemented assets that were never used before to add more fuel to their ad account, such as customer testimonials, ad carousels, and UGC videos.

While we were generating great results and were on pace to hit Anthony’s goal, our partnership had to be cut short due to some internal issues within the brand. But in the short time that we worked together, we were able to generate a 4.5x ROAS as well as over $65k in sales.

I’ve been burnt by so many agencies in the past that working with a competent team like ASPEKT is just a breath of fresh air.

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